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Garage Remodels

Remodel you garage to include new doorsGarages are often overlooked as opportunities for remodeling. However, whether homeowners want to use their garage for its intended parking purpose or use it as an extension of their living areas, garage remodels can contribute to their enjoyment of their home.

Parking, Storage and Additional Uses

Homeowners who find themselves leaving their garage largely unused should consider whether making some changes could increase their garage’s usefulness. For example, new garage doors could make a garage more easily accessible or a double car garage could hold one car and a work area with tools and cabinetry for storage.

Transforming Garages into Living Areas

Homeowners who determine that living space is a priority over indoor parking can maximize their living space by remodeling their garage. Remodeling a garage into a family room, small apartment or other living area can add to the living space within a home and help that home accommodate more people comfortably.

Garages can be remodeled to add convenience to parking areas, create work areas, increase storage space or extend the living areas of homes.  With the wide range of home improvement products from DirectBuy  you can remodel any area of your home with brand-name products and savings up to 50% off retail.


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